Rooted in urban nature, the Amsterdam-inspired MultiTote is an all-occasions bag that fits your daily essentials. It’s the first of a range from waterproof and eco-friendly cork leather accessories that adapts to your day, in only one step: from backpack to tote bag, faster than you can say ‘MultiTote’. The simple, elegant bag is made to brave rainy morning commutes, and to shine at sunset dinners, while leaving an impression on your world.


Amsterdam based expat, Silje Lian, grew up in the lush forests, between steep mountains and clear fjords of Norway. The mountains have since been exchanged to skyscrapers, and she's been living in several capital cities. Seeing how nature and city is treated as two entities, made her wonder how we could naturally change the impact that our fast, wasteful and modern lives have on the world’s wonders.

Silje created SIL-LI to inspire and implement solutions to environmental crises, as a way to make it just a little bit easier to take meaningful steps to reverse the problem. So that even though we might not be able to change what has happened, we can decidedly change what happens next. 

The transformative design brand, offers sustainable products for an ever-urbanised world, with the mission to spark a natural change. Marrying recycled, innovative materials with traditional crafting techniques, to create durable and eco friendly solutions. After all, it’s not about making things, it’s about making things happen.